Football fans are just a few days away from being able to watch English Premier League live streaming online or what is also known as the English Premiership in what promises to be the most exciting season yet in 2009/2010 with teams being on a more equal footing due to leveling of financial resources somewhat. The Big Four might become the Big Five although the number of European places up for grabs at the end of the 38 rounds of English Premier League live streaming football matches will remain the same. Who will become EPL champions this time? Will it be the dominant Manchester United or the team that have displaced as the most successful club domestically, Liverpool? Will the once rich Chelsea but now part of the club, return to rule the roost once more, or will Arsenal finally fulfill their immense potential and produce a repeat of the Invincibles? Or will a new club, one of the three in Manchester City, Aston Villa or Everton, finally break the stranglehold the Big Four of English football have and become the successful club after almost 10 months of live English Premier League football matches on both TV and online? There are just so many questions waiting to be answered by all the 20 clubs participating in the league.

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Manchester United will have to do it all over again as they try to retain the crown they won last season in a manner which was all but convincing but the means do not matter so much as the end. And the end was what mattered most as they finally matched Liverpool’s club and country record of 19 league titles and are thus just one more title away from removing them totally from the pedestal if they can get the most points from their long fixture list this season including the numerous live online streaming English Premiership football match on TV and online which will have to be battled out amidst their commitments in the UEFA Champions League and other world club competitions if necessary. They will be pursued hard again by Liverpool whom many have tipped to be title winners this season but that prediction has been somewhat dampened by the transfer of midfielder Xabi Alonso away from the club which, whether Rafa Benitez agrees or not, will seriously weaken the side. But Liverpool can bet on their proud and passionate fans to help keep them motivated and inspired during the live commentary and online radio TV broadcast English Premier League soccer match which they must make sure not to drop any more crucial points at home, which unfortunately cost them the English Premiership league title last season. There will also be the added intrigue of the recent spat between Alex Ferguson and Rafa Benitez that made last season’s title race such an exciting one with both managers trading barbs and waging pyschological warfare which the Liverpool manager appeared to come out worse in the end. It was also evident during the live English Premiership football online games that the Liverpool players struggled to cope with the additional pressure heaped on them after their manager’s tirade.

The live English Premier League 2009/2010 season will not be complete without the power and pace of Chelsea, now popularly known as the old boys club but with such deep experience that nobody dares to write them off despite the high average age of the squad under Carlos Ancelotti. Chelsea have already begun the new English Premiership season in style by almost beating Manchester United in regulation time in the Community Shield and then putting them away for good during the penalty shootout, when even the once indefatigable Ryan Giggs could not hold his nerves and missed one of the many crucial spot kicks for the defending league champions. Chelsea demonstrated the gritty toughness they have cultivated since the days of Jose Mourinho and might soon become the complete team machine if Ancelotti can instill his sense of flair and style from his AC Milan days into his new team. If the fashionable London club does succeed in their endeavour, you can be sure that the live streaming online football TV and radio broadcast English Premier League football matches involving them this season will be more exciting to watch and promises plenty of goals and drama. They might even then be termed the more advanced version of Arsenal who have been trying to reach the same objective from the other side of the pond. The Gunners have the flair and passing ability that is only surpassed by the likes of Barcelona and Real Madrid of Spain outside the matches that are shown on the Premier League live online, but they have not been able to dominate English football since their tough core of Patrick Viera and Emmanuel Petit were dismantled as age and injuries caught up with them. If they can once again find a physicall strong and capable spine to marry their undisputed attacking flair which never ceases to entertain during their English Premiership live stream, then they might be the next version of the Invincibles.

The English Premiership live online football match will involve more than just these four teams though, with the likes of Manchester City now threatening to break the dominance that has often threatened to make the league boring. There is so much money and drama flushing through the club which calls themselves the real Manchester football club that expectations are naturally sky high. Pressure has already been mounting on manager Mark Hughes since last season’s takeover and with so many expensive players bought during the preseason including Carlos Tevez, Emmanuel Adebayor, Santa Cruz and Koulo Toure, the club’s Middle Eastern owners will not tolerate failure this time round despite their affirmation of faith in their Welsh manager and statements that indicated that they will have no targets this season. Fans will be able to track how the club does through their live English Premier League soccer match online and they will be equally curious about how their other rivals perform, especially since the likes of Aston Villa, Everton, Tottenham Hotspur and more will be vying for the other limited European spots on offer, or fighting with each other to avoid the dreaded relegation which will deprive them of the promised riches that the EPL delivers.

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Live English Premier League

Fixtures for English Premier League 2009/2010 (Updated accordingly as changes will be made to accomodate clubs’ differing commitments throughout the season):

Chelsea vs Hull City Live 2-1
Aston Villa vs Wigan Athletic Live 0-2
Blackburn Rovers vs Manchester City Live 0-2
Bolton Wanderers vs Sunderland Live 0-1
Portsmouth vs Fulham Live 0-1
Stoke City vs Burnley Live 2-0
Wolverhampton Wanderers vs West Ham United Live 0-2
Everton vs Arsenal Live 1-6

Manchester United vs Birmingham City Live
Tottenham Hotspur vs Liverpool Live

Sunderland vs Chelsea Live
Wigan Athletic vs Wolves Live

Birmingham City vs Portsmouth Live
Burnley vs Manchester United Live
Hull City vs Tottenham Hotspur Live
Liverpool vs Stoke City Live

Arsenal vs Portsmouth Live 4-1
Birmingham City vs Stoke City Live
Hull City vs Bolton Wanderers Live
Manchester City vs Wolves Live
Sunderland vs Blackburn Rovers Live
Wigan Athletic vs Manchester United Live 0-5

West Ham United vs Tottenham Hotspur Live 1-2
Burnley vs Everton Live 1-0
Fulham vs Chelsea Live 0-2

Liverpool vs Aston Villa Live 1-3

Chelsea vs Burnley Live 3-0
Blackburn Rovers vs West Ham United Live 0-0
Bolton Wanderers vs Liverpool Live 2-3
Stoke City vs Sunderland Live 1-0
Tottenham Hotspur vs Birmingham City Live 2-1
Wolves vs Hull City Live 1-1
Manchester United vs Arsenal Live 2-1

Portsmouth vs Manchester City Live
Everton vs Wigan Athletic Live
Aston Villa vs Fulham Live

Blackburn Rovers vs Wolves Live
Liverpool vs Burnley Live
Manchester City vs Arsenal Live
Portsmouth vs Bolton Wanderers Live
Stoke City vs Chelsea Live
Sunderland vs Hull City Live
Wigan Athletic vs West Ham United Live
Tottenham Hotspur vs Manchester United Live
Birmingham City vs Aston Villa Live
Fulham vs Everton Live

Burnley vs Sunderland
Arsenal vs Wigan Athletic
Aston Villa vs Portsmouth
Bolton Wanderers vs Stoke City
Hull City vs Birmingham City
West Ham United vs Liverpool

Manchester United vs Manchester City
Wolves vs Fulham
Everton vs Blackburn Rovers
Chelsea vs Tottenham Hotspur